Who I am and Why I am here

“You are just too free. You are trying to look for problems where there are none. Your life is going good, you have a good job, a great Manager a great family and good financial security. So I am not sure what you are looking for!! You are just too vague on what you want. […]

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Our Social Media Status

Its been since 3 weeks since I deactivated my facebook account. A static social media life so as to say. Life has not changed much. However, I have pondered over this question on Should I go back, why, when? Why I started in the begining? I do not have any answers yet. Sometimes I do […]

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Jumanji — Old Vs New

I watched the new version today. Robin Williams is not Dwayne Johnson but his character in the original will always be etched in my memory. He was brilliant like his usual self. Spoiler:- This is not a movie review. When I initially heard a New Jumanji movie is coming , my first thought was1.  They […]

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Why This blog

We do many thing in life, many a times we regret them but sometime we love what we do.Then there are things what you have always dreamed about since you were a Kid. I wanted to be a sci-fi author since I was a young boy. I was fascinated by watching Star Trek on my […]

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Spousal anger Managment

Spouses get angry and sometimes there is no reason at all.That is how we feel it. Today was a very bad day for me, I was on the other side of few anger fits. Some of them were clearly my fault, some I am not sure. Usually when we are dealing with spousal anger best […]

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Man Proposes God Dipsoses

I met a lady today.She knows what she wants in life.She is in her dream job.She is doing what she wants & she love it though the hours are crazy & she hardly has time to sleep. Looks like a dream Job right. But as always there is a catch. She had an accident when […]

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New beginnings Again

I have started and stopped & then restarted a few blogs in the last few years.All the writing or rather the lack of it made me realize I was a moron who thought I was very smart (all morons think alike). I am not sure If I have improved any better , but one thing […]

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