The day I deactivated My Facebook.

It has been 24 hours now & I am still alive.
So Facebook is not essential for life.

I read the news article about Ed Sheeran , that he gave up his phone 2 years back.
May be that set the ball ringing.
Or was it the observation that I am spending too much time just scrolling on facebook.
I hardly post anything on Facebook, may be one post every few months.
So I just thought of puling the plug.
Although I have just deactivated it & I have the option of reactivating back any time (I just need to log in with my email & password)
But till then I have disappeared from the world of facebook like I was never there.

So how was my day.

It was just like any other normal day. I told my wife that I have deactivated my account, she glanced at me for a few seconds & then she continued with what she was doing.

My life went on like just like any other day in my life.

I may have to find alternative ways of logging into various websites where I used the FB plug in previously.

Will keep you posted on how does it feel to be in world free from FB & all its Dramas.

See you


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