Social Media Status

I posted a few months back that I had inactivated my facebook account. and being a lazy bum I forgot to post that I was back. ( or was I afraid of losing face....catch 22) So why did I come back? In short my little experiment failed. I realized we need Facebook as bad as …

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Random Nonsense #1

Disagreements are usually over the choices we make for a journey but rarely for destination. What makes us choose one path over another. One choice leads to another, affects another and they are all intertwined. They say we have a choice but do we really have a choice? So if we don't have a choice, …

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Simplicity, Contentment, Gratitude & Happiness

Keep it simple.How many times we have heard this phrase, its almost a cliche ( actually it is a cliche)Most of us will agree that it is good to keep it simple. Many of us will be shrugging our shoulders and saying our life is too complicated, and that we cannot keep things simple. This …

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