New beginnings Again

I have started and stopped & then restarted a few blogs in the last few years.
All the writing or rather the lack of it made me realize I was a moron who thought I was very smart (all morons think alike). I am not sure If I have improved any better , but one thing is for sure I am more experienced in being myself.

I have this obsession with finding myself, contentment, purpose, peacefulness & many other things which come in vogue from time to time. I always thought I was a content human being who had very simple needs.
But in reality I am a typical example of male gender of Homo Sapiens Species with all the biases, complexes, desires & sense of being irresistible to females of all ages (The last claim is true though , so much so that I hide my Six pack abs behind a thick layer of fat so as to not cause a stampede when I cross the road).
So what do I really want from Life.

How do I know what do I want as I have realized the things that we really need are not the things we desire. We need peaceful sleep but we desire that promotion which will make me an insomniac.

so should I make a bucket list or do a self eulogy.

or should i go down the philosophical route & ask the little bird “Is it the day I am going to die?”

I now know that I am stuck in too many chains & fighting too many battles to really understand the meaning of these questions.

They said choose your battles wisely & chains may start getting unstuck.

May god give me strength to fight the battles I can win & wisdom & courage to face the battles I should not.

See you soon….


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