Why This blog

We do many thing in life, many a times we regret them but sometime we love what we do.
Then there are things what you have always dreamed about since you were a Kid.

I wanted to be a sci-fi author since I was a young boy. I was fascinated by watching Star Trek on my Black & white TV. Then there was He-Man & Giant Robot. Superman and Spiderman and lots of Indian comic book heroes especially the ones with weird inventions always fascinated me.

I wanted to create such stories. There were not many libraries where I grew up. I used to read everything but anything related to sci-fi fascinated me most.

I always thought if I started to read more , Ideas will start coming in & one day Goddess of creativity will smile on me to make me write better stories. So I kept reading & watching more series.

I tried my luck in a few writing competitions for creative stories but I failed miserably.

There was one simple reason, I was too lazy to write.

I was afraid of going deep into my mind ( I still am ), My stories and writing never had the depth to connect emotionally with any one. I tried to things in a very safe way. Do not shake the foundations too much as I was afraid that they will crumble under my weight.

So I wrote very little & I wrote superficially, never going deep into the human heart or touch on the emotions. I always assumed that my wit & my intelligence would be great enough to make me write great stuff. (you can always add the erotic touch to spice it up).

I never could figure out what I should write about.

So then one fine day I decided I will write about everything.
Anything under the sun, whatever catches my attention, the hot story of the day, facebook, Steve jobs, bitcoin, Parenting, health & of course my wife.

Writing helps me connect my thoughts.

I am still not at the level where I can say I have started to fathom the complexities of Human mind but when I write Some superficial layers start to come off a little bit.

When I started to write this post I expected it be a list of things on what made me start this blog, But it has turned out be something else.

I think I prefer it this way as it reflects me how I am

A confused Middle aged man who is finding roots in a strange land away from the land of his birth where everything is just so different.

And I am still very lazy.


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