Simplicity, Contentment, Gratitude & Happiness

Keep it simple.
How many times we have heard this phrase, its almost a cliche ( actually it is a cliche)

Most of us will agree that it is good to keep it simple. Many of us will be shrugging our shoulders and saying our life is too complicated, and that we cannot keep things simple. This complexity is the new simplicity. We are tired of the complexity but we are Holding tightly to it as we are scared we may lose something precious if we let it go.So we keep holding it irrespective of the costs involved.

Most of the time, we are not sure from were to start

Like all simple things, simplicity is not easy to achieve. ( another Cliche)

I thought I was a very simple man with very simple needs.

I was wrong.

I still wanted many things & dreamed of luxuries. I did not want to spend a lot to get them. I felt guilty if I spent too much on luxury. I seemed content but I was not. I wanted people to agree with me. I felt angry seeing people not getting my point of view.

At work, I wanted Power but I did not want to work for it. I wanted growth but I was afraid I might fail if I try for it. So I said, I do not want it. I was afraid that  others will not let me succeed. I was happy when others succeeded but I wished I was the one succeeding. I was jealous. i was holding tight on to my complexes, afraid, tired alone but showing a facade of a Zen soul.

I have never planned much in my life. Only planning I do is when I plan for holidays. which usually means deciding the night before on where to go sightseeing tomorrow. Whenever I plan for big things in life, I discover God’s Grand plans which usually make my plans redundant. So either I am bad at reading signs or I just have tough luck.

However I am good at following God’s plans . With a Well earning meaningful job, an understanding & friendly boss,  Friendly colleagues with minimal office politics, nice loving wife with a sarcastic sense of humor & a Bubbly, cheerful, naughty 11 year old daughter who is doing well in school… I am not doing too bad in my personal & professional life.

I am not sure what I wanted to do with my life. Most of the time I have ended up doing things I did not plan for. I felt I was missing a sense of purpose. Looking for My Personal Legend.

They call it Mid Life crisis

Whenever I wanted to discuss my conflicts with my wife, her usual answer was ( I am parapharsing it) ” You should enroll for Higher qualifications, You are too free!  May be I should ask your boss to give you more work”.

I was not sure , where to begin.

Then in the temple I heard a sermon which was beautifully summarized in the end

“When God wants to Destroy a Man , he takes away contentment & trust.
When he wants to make a Man, He blesses him with Gratitude.”

We are scared of doing certain things as we are afraid we might lose something.

When we are content with what god has given us then our goals change. We are not scared of losing.
Wins do not matter anymore.  We still do or best as we are content with doing our best. We do things because we want to do them well & not because it is going to get me promoted.

 Winning is just a by product in case it happens but you will enjoy the journey no matter where you land as you know you did your best.

We then become thankful to god for all the small things he has bestowed us with. We find happiness in living life.

Once we have achieved a state when Winning or losing does not matter, when position & rewards  are the by-products of  the journey and not the end, when enjoying the journey becomes the goal, when we are competing with ourselves only, then life truly is simple.

A simple way to achieve simple happiness.

May be this was the personal legend I had been looking for.


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