Spousal anger Managment

Spouses get angry and sometimes there is no reason at all.
That is how we feel it.

Today was a very bad day for me, I was on the other side of few anger fits.

Some of them were clearly my fault, some I am not sure.

Usually when we are dealing with spousal anger best strategy is to hide in one corner. It is usually not good for the kids when both parents are shouting at one another. If only one is shouting he or she gets bored in a few minutes.
I am a very normal human being & I make mistakes, many times I rub people the wrong way & many times I am just a jerk. But most of the times I have a very good reason for the way I acted & I can justify it.

Try telling that to my wife, you gonna get an earful. Just kidding…

We all think that we are very rational beings who always make the right decisions.
We have a tendency to justify our decisions.
& then our partner gets angry, we tell them “You need help, Baby!” We are partially correct as we may also need help.

Anger is a manifestation of inner turmoil of the person bearing it. We are right in that sense, But have we considered that we may be somehow be contributing to that inner turmoil.
So a way of dealing with spousal anger may be just to look inwards and ask ourselves , if we could have been a better person in that situation. Many times there are no easy answers but there always are a lot of excuses.
The day we try to be a better person, we can observe the effect spreading. The sincerity of our efforts will rub on & the other person  will be ready to get help.
The best thing on that day will be the help will be at hand & you dont need to go far.

Hoping to meet a better me down the road, not a perfect me, just better than what I am today.


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