Man Proposes God Dipsoses

I met a lady today.
She knows what she wants in life.
She is in her dream job.
She is doing what she wants & she love it though the hours are crazy & she hardly has time to sleep.

Looks like a dream Job right.

But as always there is a catch.

She had an accident when she was 6 years old & injured her knee. Her knee was saved after multiple operations & she carries scars around her knee as constant reminder of the time. She has been having severe pain for last few months which is causing her difficulty in continuing her job.

Many of us plan our lives like we are in full control but we ignore the powers above.
Sometimes I feel he is laughing at us when we are making our plans.

Many times we consider life as an obstacle course, but I beg to differ. In obstacle course, at least you know the direction in which you need to run. In Life, most of the times you are not very sure.

Sometimes God puts obstacles in our path when we are in the wrong direction.
Sometimes he puts obstacles in the right direction to test our resolve.

So how do we know which is which?

In Alchemist, Santiago reads the Omens from the stones of Urim & Thummim.

But the catch is that he has to ask them objective questions. One stone is yes & the other is No.

But he never uses them, He asks the questions to them but then he decides based on what he learned from the world & what he has understood from the Omens around him.

He controls his path but destiny is controlled by God.

I pray for enough wisdom to understand the signs he shows to me & courage to tread down the path.



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