Our Social Media Status

Its been since 3 weeks since I deactivated my facebook account. A static social media life so as to say.

Life has not changed much.

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However, I have pondered over this question on Should I go back, why, when? Why I started in the begining? I do not have any answers yet. Sometimes I do ask so what are they arguing about these days..well the topics have not changed much in last 5 years, only new faces.

I was not posting anything on social media so nobody misses me yet. I do get text messages & email from FB bots reminding me on what kinds of same old   cool stuff I am missing. ( Gimme a break).  I still have this urge to press on the link & activate my account. Then I ask myself the above question. So for the time being I am not clicking on that link.

In the not too distant future, I visualize my blog to grow popular ( with your support of course). I will need to share content on various social media platforms & not just facebook. So I know that i will need to go back eventually ( or may be not).

It is a good way to connect to old friends & family members. There are other ways which are more personal but require more time. I find them more meaningful & more engaging.

It is also a lousy great way to keep connected to the happening around the world. But then you always subscribe to new sites.

Likes on our Social Media posts have become an extension of our ego. We feel we have arrived when a pic gets a lot of likes. We are using social media to get people to imagine the lives we should be living. We spend hours on that perfect click so much that we forget to live in the moment. We pretend to love those people whom we do not want face in real life.

We go to social media to escape from reality but we find it staring back in our face. We can hide behind the wall of technology & create a new facade. A dream in which we want others to believe in & we want to live in. But how & what cost

I see parents chronicling their efforts on facebook, on what extreme steps they are taking to keep children away from technology.

I am writing this on a blog so that you all will like this post & make it go up hierarchy of google search engines.

Oh what a big hypocrite I am.

I still hope I will find  better reasons to use social media platforms in the search of a better me down the road.

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2 thoughts on “Our Social Media Status

  1. Welcome to the blogging world. I look forward to seeing how it works out for you not to use Facebook for getting noticed in blogging. Good luck on your adventure. PS – I don’t disagree with your thoughts on Social Media. All are necessary evils if you want to be a blogger.


    1. GP Blogger

      Thanks for your support. I started this as an experiment as found myself surfing aimlessly everyday. So i decided to channel my energy usefully some place else. I may activate my account some time in the future. But for now i am enjoying this freedom.


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