Who I am and Why I am here

“You are just too free. You are trying to look for problems where there are none. Your life is going good, you have a good job, a great Manager a great family and good financial security. So I am not sure what you are looking for!! You are just too vague on what you want. You need SMART goals. Just brooding about doing something and saying that I want to do something is not going to take you anywhere”

That is what my wife will tell me when I tell her that I am trying to do something better. She is right.

I have been struggling with this question for some time on what is my purpose in my life. To be honest, I am going nowhere on this journey, just like my life.

Writing helps you to discover what you are, they said.

I have been doing writing for some time, but usually the writing I do is to satisfy my ego. Most of the blogs or answers on Quora I have written are usually pieces of advise. However, my most appreciated answers have been when I have honest and have shared my experiences. And that keeps me going.

I thought blogging will be a good way to earn some passive income, but I have realised blogging is not passive income. It is sweat and blood.

Then I thought I should share my wisdom, but as I start to write, I realised I am not the wisest person around. yes I do have insights, but are they good enough. May be I am just being too harsh on myself and justifying my not trying hard enough.

I have previously tried to blog a few times in the past, as you can make out from the mish-mash of various types of posts in my blog. I have been posting on personal finance, parenting, making choices, and a few other things, but a recurring theme has been what am I doing here.

Last year my resolution was to earn money from a blog. This year it was to have a meaningful blog. I just Hope I continue to remain active in blogging.

I am blogging anonymously for now but may soon be changing to a more public profile. I am not sure what I am scared of. May be I am scared of failure.

I hope this blogging journey, will be journey of self discovery.

I can see a hazy me, standing down the road. I am walking towards it and its a long road ahead. I hope we are both going to like each other when we meet.


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