Jumanji — Old Vs New

I watched the new version today.

Robin Williams is not Dwayne Johnson but his character in the original will always be etched in my memory. He was brilliant like his usual self.

Spoiler:- This is not a movie review.

When I initially heard a New Jumanji movie is coming , my first thought was
1.  They cannot make it better than the original &
2.  Hollywood is running out of ideas.

However, after watching the movie, I am happy to be proven wrong on both aspects.

They did match the original in almost all aspects. (I still feel nostalgic about the old movie so I will not admit  concede that new movie was better).

Both movies put together a set of ordinary persons facing extraordinary circumstances & overcoming them. In the first movie the message was that only thing which was holding us back from reaching our goals are our inner demons & we need to conquer them to reach anything we want.

The new version has taken this message further. We not only need to overcome our fears but we also need to be comfortable with our weaknesses. Every human has a weakness. We are like this for a reason & the only way to know your strengths & weakness is to walk in other people shoes.
Sometimes the answers are obvious & staring at our face and we never see them as we are always so self obsessed with what We have & what we want.

 There are no perfect people.  Many times the weakness can prove to be our strength, so the question is are there any things which we can really call as a weakness.

The second message is that life will give you second chance, make sure that it counts as these are limited. So make sure when you get a second chance, make it count.

So this new Years Day, I hope life gives us the chances we deserve & we make sure we make them count.


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