The soul of Universe

Last week i finished reading “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho once again.

Every time I read this book, its a new experience. For those who are not familiar with the book, it is a story of a boy who decides to go on a journey to find a treasure he saw in his dreams and in the process discovers his destiny & the soul of universe.

He finds the treasure at the place where he began his journey, but to realize that he has to go through a lot of hardship & struggles. He learns new trades, gets robbed, has a few close brushes with death, travels a lot & meets the love of his life.

All along he is guided by omens which he calls as the language of the universe. The omens talk to him because he is connected to the soul of the universe which resides in every particle. The reason  omens talk to him is because he tries to listen to them, follows them.

Many times in the story he reaches crossroads where giving up on his dream is more lucrative than following it but he listens to the omens keeps following them. He goes through a process of self doubt, despair, hopelessness but still decides to continue on the journey as during those moments of weakness he still listens to his soul & the omens.

What I find most inspirational in this book is the fact that this is an universal story. When we are young, we have a dream, an inspiration which we can call our own. but some where along the way we just stop responding to the signals & the omens. We stop enjoying the journey & get too much focused on the goal. We get disconnected from our soul. That day we stop progressing towards our own journey & become a part of someone else’s journey.

Some people keep listening to the inner voice & reach where they find the real happiness. They keep enjoying the journey they are on.

Many times we think that we are struggling to find happiness but when we reach our goals we do not find happiness as the journey we were on was not ours. We were just like sheep who just blindly follow the shepherd & make his journey our own.

So what is my Personal Legend, my Dream, my passion, my hidden treasure.

I have no damn idea on how my story will end in the world. I envy those who have found such a destination.

I have started on the journey, Hopefully I will find my treasure one day.


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