Comparing Apple & Oranges (Android) — Its all in the mind

Choices define people who make them.

This is a small attempt to understand people on the basis of technological choices they make.
So what better way to categorize people than the device they hold in their hands the whole day. The omnipresent Smartphone.

Today’s hyper-connected world can be broadly categorized into 2 categories, Apple Fans & the Android fans. ( I am yet to find to Windows phone fan & blackberry is moving to Android soon).

Both camps have their lovers & haters. Everyone has a perfectly valid reason to think what they are thinking & do what they are doing.

Lets start with iPhone users.

iPhones are supposed to be easy to use, no learning curve, lack of customisation features( apart from phone covers), a brand value,  are good looking, no features which are considered as revolutionary & use of technology which is always tried & tested ( no surprises). On the top of it all,  severe restrictions which do not let you move out of the Apple walled garden.

Most of the people who like Apple ( I am not talking about the fanatic fans) are usually who are brand conscious. Many of them respect authority like a god. Many prefer order over anything else even if it means making compromises. Usually Apple fans are not adventurous. They try hard to blend in with the masses & anything which makes them stand out makes them uncomfortable.

So what about android phones.

Each phone company has unique imprint on the Vanilla android versions which brings a variety to the Android Garden. Hence there is a learning curve involved when you switch your phone. Some of the phones are not so good looking & many times the difference in the quality is so much that most of the time it is not fair to compare 2 android phones.
Some of these phones have features which are very new, not properly tested, some of the features are impractical & some are totally ridiculous. Most of the android phones are totally customisable ( i am talking about the software part).

Android users are usually rebels, ( or they just wish deep down that they were one). Most of them are not brand conscious. They don’t despise authority as such but they have certain values which they cannot compromise ( hence you see a different variety of phones with different features, appealing to different users).
Many of the android users stand out from the crowd just by the virtue of being different from the rest.
They are not averse to trying new things although they may not be totally comfortable with them & not sure whether they are doing the right thing. That can sometimes lead to unwanted consequences. They do not regret it.

There is a third category of people who switch Apple to android or vice-versa. Many of them remain with the new choice & some go back to the original. Those were the ones who lost there way due to influence of some fans, but have now found there way back to where they belong.

Everybody deserves the phone they are using as it is the end result of all the Values & biases they have accumulated over their lifetime.

Disclaimer– I am an Android User in case you have not guessed it by now.


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