A prayer

I am a bit scared today.
I fear the unknown.
I took a decision & acted on it. There are some outcomes I did not visualize when I acted.

I spoke my mind, Why? what did I gain from it.
Did I just want to win the war of words, against someone whom I do not know at all, A face in the crowd.
Or may be I thought I can change the world.

Can I bring light to the world by saying a few words, may be if the words are of wisdom & not of an argument.
But am I wise enough to understand that.
The ego inside me, made me do it, the Race to win the arguments, to always win the war of the words.

My ego is not letting me achieve the wisdom. But I hope to do it one day.

Will I do the same thing again?
May be,  but the reason may be different.

May Lord Give me courage & wisdom to understand the difference.


4 thoughts on “A prayer

  1. GP blogger,

    “Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls” (Matthew 11:29)

    Let's just say my agnostic life has been made brighter by friends of the cross 😉


  2. Hi GP Blogger

    This is a common problems for people like us who are honest and “straight-forward”. Don't be discouraged.

    1 thing I learnt, we can't change anyone, likewise, nobody can change us. It is only when we experienced life-changing moment or values that differ from ours (and ours failed), we are likely to seek a change. We are human being.

    I always remind myself, what I going to say will not change anyone, and I am not going to change anyone. I take pride in my life and I am to improve myself along my life journey. That is all I can do for the world, which is to have 1 more better person. When the person is ready to change or need your advice, you will know and they will tell you. That is when you make a difference to others. We help each other along the way.

    Cheers and brighten up.


  3. Thanks for the nice words of encouragement.
    I think I will be very fortunate if I am able to help anyone in this journey.
    I totally agree with you we just need to improve ourselves in this journey.


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