The search For happiness

The Search for Happiness

I am yet to meet a human being who is not searching for the elusive happiness. Some countries are apparently more happier than others. The little red dot I call home is supposed to be the unhappiest in the world.
But what is happiness, where do you find it, how do you define it?
Is it related to money, power, Family life, career success or some other factor?
I have embarked on this journey for a few years, met a few people, got drunk, picked up few fights, played MMORPG & Farmville, wrote forum letters, read books, traded stocks & discussed my thoughts with my colleagues sitting next to me but I am still not sure whether I am any closer to my goal as compared to when I started.
Most authors say you are as happy as you think yourself to be. So you Just think & you are happy.
But is that necessarily true. If it is so simple to find happiness why is it so elusive?
Why the Humans of 2015 are not as happy as Humans of previous decades although we have the all the material comforts, including smartphones, Facebook, Whatsapp & the ever so smart “Google”

I will be fooling myself if I said that I have discovered the way to bliss. I am not even close to attaining it.

One of the realizations I have had in my journey is that all along we have been looking at “Happiness” as a destination where we have to reach one day & because we have been taught all along “No Pain, No Gain” we think that unhappiness is the key to happiness. We struggle for things which we think may bring us happiness & we are ready to bargain our happiness of today with unhappiness.

May be this is where we are going wrong.

Happiness is more like a Long One-lane road which has 2-way traffic, with twists and turns &  lots of traffic lights with confusing signals. Worse part is Google Maps is useless on this road. The only thing that works is the GPS of your soul.  This GPS needs calibration & every soul has a different model. We cannot use our friends’ GPS as the route we have to take is different what our friends are going to take. Our paths may converge for a while but eventually they diverge.

So how do I calibrate this GPS & whether my GPS is already calibrated?

Meanwhile I am on this journey called life looking for a road called happiness using a broken GPS,

Wish me Luck.

Asta la vista


2 thoughts on “The search For happiness

  1. Hi GP Blogger

    Good that you have embarked on the journey of self-awareness. I have embarked the same path more than 10 years ago and I am still discovering it. It gets better and better.

    I recommend you to do meditation and explore the areas on “self-leadership”. Try to find free reading materials, there are plenty of such courses but they are expensive. When you explore your smallest emotion and thinking, you learn to control your breathing, your emotions, and other things about yourself. Self-leadership will help you to learn what is important to you.

    Hope this helps.

    Frugal Daddy


  2. Thanks for your encouragement & nice words.
    I hope I will become better with time
    I am reading up on some of the material which is available on line but the the real work starts when I start to implement it. I hope I can practice what I am reading.


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