For almost 2 years I had forgotten about Blogging, Somehow Today I decided to open it again. To my surprise my blog has been viewed 30 times in last 2 years. That is very encouraging for a dead Blog.

Karma- The reason to live

Why I am back today is Karma, My duty as Keyboard warrior to enlighten the world & remove the Darkness in the Cyberworld (& hopefully in the real world). & I am not supposed to expect anything in return (except for a nice check From Google Ad sense).
I was watching a TV series today & today’s episode dealt with the protagonist being stuck in a dilemma on whether he is on the right side of Righteousness & Justice. The God in Human form Enlightens the protagonist on the path to salvation by giving him understanding of the Karma.
What exactly is Karma?
Karma is a Sanskrit Word & it just means ” to do.”   A “Karmayogi ” or a doer is a being who realises his or her Karma & follows it with devotion without expectation of a reward from anyone or anything. So in essence we all need to be a Karmayogi to tread the path towards true knowledge & salvation without expecting that we will ever achieve it. 
How do you become One?
To understand and achieve your Karma in life you need to get knowledge about your existence and the world around you. Get to know what is Right and Wrong, Compassion & Cruelty, Justice & Injustice, Honesty & Corruption, Angels & Demons, etc.
Once the knowledge is attained, next step is to avoid arrogance. ( easier said than done)
Once you have attained these,  next step is to break the bonds holding you. Many times it happens that our duties towards a being or a thing are stopping us from doing what we know is right. 
 Selfless devotion to duty is a welcome trait but a blind devotion to duty leads to conflict especially if the two are pitted against each other. A person becomes proud & arrogant of his ability to show devotion to duty as he expects himself to be able to perform that duty. He forgets that there is a bigger duty towards the Divine, a duty to uphold the truth & protect what is just & righteous. 
The biggest hurdle between us and the path to ultimate knowledge is our own expectation to do certain things, the limits we set for ourselves based on our puny little understanding of the vastness of the universe. 
Once you have removed the limits you set for yourself,you are now set on the path to realise your Karma, of becoming a Karmayogi, but this is just the beginning.
The real tough part of the Journey has not yet begun.
Bon Voyage

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