My Blog- A beginning

Why this blog, another one ( I know, I can count Millions already lah)

I have always wanted to be a writer & at various phases of my development & growth I have wanted to be a poet, a science fiction writer, a philosopher, a commentator, a political activist, a playwright & many other forms of writing. But I always wanted to write. That I have to type now is a bit unromantic for me but I can live with it.

Last few years I have realised that being a poet or a fiction writer is not cut out for a lazy soul like me whose only claim to creating stories is a poor attempt at creating  Monster Tales for his daughter which have never been able to scare her ( she laughs at even my best attempts), I decided that sticking to “Real Life”  can be the only saving grace for my writing career , so here I am doing what all the writers of 21st century do, write a blog, trying to enter a Brave new world. (cliche).

so get ready for a roller coaster ride with a view that has been colored by my myopic & occasionally  a very philosophically light-hearted view of this world & the people & events (& some time smart phones & TV series)

So hold my hand & fly with me …..coming soon!


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